BLUE 2006

As a photographer, my work continually explores the interface between photographic “reality” and the artifice of staged installation/ still life. I am also intrigued by the possibilities offered by vacant interiors as a backdrop and of the atmospheric qualities of natural light. I am interested in the way ordinary everyday objects become extraordinary and embued with meaning when photographed in a certain way.
Blue on Blue is a response to the flood of imagery, news reporting and political jargon which, for the last few years, we have consumed from the comfort zones of our homes. Every day we observe tragic, shocking events. From the side lines we witness devastating horror and atrocities.
This work is not an overt or angry antiwar protest. It’s more a lament. It springs from deep sadness and a sense of helplessness. The objects in the images are chosen to stir the imagination and memories of the viewer. There are clues that suggest death and waste and loss and suffering. Although the colours are vivid, the message is dark, enigmatic, and like poetry, requires the audience to read between the lines.
November 2006

‘Humanity reaches as far as love reaches; it has no frontiers except those we give it’.
from The Watcher by Italo Calvino.