Exhibition preview: Maggy Milner, Derby
Pickford's House Museum, to Nov 11
Robert Clark
The Guardian,
Saturday September 27 2008

There's an ominous yet numinous radiance about Maggy Milner's installation in the attic spaces of Derby's delightfully creepy Pickford's House. Simply entitled Blue, the series of backlit photographic transparencies and video loops tries to picture such horrendous subjects as civilian casualties of the Iraq war. Yet everything is done through atmospheric suggestion: abstract colours resonate; glass cabinets reflect vacated interiors; there's a hint of snuffed flames. This is minimalist still-life for an age of hypnotic 24-hour TV news and live blogs from war zones. By presenting hints of the screens without the relayed images, Milner obliquely touches a poignancy that would be diluted by more overt or confrontational imagery, creating something like psychic TVs.