For ten days this July, I participated in the Nottingham Trent University’s Summer Lodge. The Fine Art studios and workshops at NTU were made available to a gathering of staff, researchers and artists from Nottingham and beyond.  In this relaxed and supportive environment we all had an invaluable opportunity to experiment and develop our personal practice. It was also a chance to discuss and exchange ideas with other artists and find out more about their practice and ways of working.

Having already worked on an idea for an installation at my studio at HMS, it was exciting to have the opportunity to continue experimenting at NTU . Using both readymade and constructed objects from a mixture of transparent/ translucent/ reflective/ solid and mainly lightweight materials, I could build high, and extend laterally. My intention was to suggest a dystopian world. A sublime melancholia of shining heights, disrupted planes, perplexing lows, with disorientating, fragmented space. Objects were balanced but not fixed to convey the precariousness and fragility of our world. The work alludes to disparities and inequalities in society.

My student assistant Lucy Hodghiss, was excellent to work with.